Anxiety of the parents : When it’s time for their children to go to school

Anxiety of the parents: when it’s time for their children to go to school

Children are the most beautiful creations of God. But in today’s competitive world, this creation is getting diminished gradually. Everybody wants their children to be the best but nobody does the needful. One of the most important and the first and foremost step is to get a proper schooling for the children.

The anxiety of the parents, as well as the children during their schooling time, is something very normal. The parents become more anxious than their children thinking if their children will be able to cope up with the entirely new environment, or they might be bullied, or they might get punished, or they might get hurt or they might get anxious themselves. Several things run through a parent’s mind while they think of the schooling of their children. Being a parent is one of the most precious as well as the toughest task but being anxious is just a negative add on to the entire thing.

From waking up in the early morning till the time she goes to sleep at night, the parents go through the toughest phase of their lives. A lot of things go in their mind, one of them being the anxiety of the schooling of her child. But this feeling is normal during a new phase or a new transition of life.

A child is a young soul and many things do not come into his/her head. A kid just goes with the flow but the parents, especially the mothers go through a lot of it when it’s time for their children to go to school. They go through tough time thinking about facts like,

  • Will the child be able to fit in,
  • Are their clothes well ironed?
  • How will the teacher be?
  • What if the kid misses the school bus,
  • What if the child does not understand what is taught in school and is left behind,
  • What if something bad happens at the school?
  • Tiffin related problems
  • Bullying issues.

These are the most basic problems that make a parent anxious when it is the time for their children to go to school. But then again the fact pops up in the head that schooling and education is one of the basic needs of the children.

Overcoming the problems:

Overcoming these problems is absolutely mandatory for the parents. If the parents themselves get this much anxious then the child will face even more problems to adapt to the new situations and environments. The parents should motivate their children and make themselves understand that this is one of the most important things of life and that in this way  not only will the child get educated but also become more and more social and make new friends. They will get to learn more social skills and will also get valuable opportunities in the near future. They will also be acknowledged for their talents will which will also boost up the self-confidence in them which was earlier lacking.

Hence, to get released from the stress and anxiety, the parents need to get a positive mindset first and then give that boost to their children also. This way both will remain positive and overcome the anxiety together.