Finding the Right Play School for your Kid

Pre School Education has become extremely important in today’s context as the Child needs to be prepared well in advance for the grinding in the formal School. Pre School lays the foundation for the overall development of the child and ensures values and disciplines are inculcated in the child from the very beginning.

However, the sad part is that the parents at times do not take Pre School education seriously taking it as just a formality or a precursor to the start of formal education, thinking that the child is too small for all the effort. However, in reality, it is a huge step towards preparing the child physically as well as mentally for the challenges ahead.
So Parents need to ensure that all possible effort is taken to find the right Pre School for your Child which can help in easing the burden of the parents.

Looking for the Right Pre School for your Child ? keep in mind the following:

-Do a background check on the credentials of the School as to when was it started and years in operation

-Distance from your house and the kind of transport facility offered by the Pre School

-How many teachers does the Pre School have and the support staff to take care of your precious one.Ensure that the school has a decent Student-Teacher ratio so that your child can get undivided personalised attention.

-Quality of Staff in terms of professionalism, competence and overall courtesy

-The Teaching Methodology in the classrooms? Is it interactive and Playful enough to keep your child engrossed?

– Have a look at the infrastructure and its surroundings.

-Ensure that the school is safe and secure for your little one to be completely at ease

-Facilities offered by the School-Does it have enough of Play Area, clean washrooms (boys and girls separate ), How good is the study place-Does it have the ambience for the young ones to be able to concentrate on studies and what are the kind of things they get to do in School!

-Does the school offer the facility to find out what’s happening in the campus! Call it modern day technology-It can help in getting updates or real-time pictures as and when required.

-How are the Meals prepared? Is it or will it be hygienic for your precious ones and what kind of water does the child get to drink.

-Is there any provision to monitor the Classrooms or the corridors of the school to ensure 100% Safety of the Children?

–How well can the school handle medical emergencies? Does it have what it takes to ensure timely medical attention for your Child?

-Find out if the Pre School has the facility of a creche in case it is required. If yes then till what time is it available and how good are the facilities.

-And very importantly-Does your Preschool offer guidance to students for getting admissions in Formal Schools

Looking for The Best Schools for Your Child -Find Them Right Here!

So next time you are looking for a Pre School-Do not just take it casually-It is as important as the Formal School and find an answer to the above before taking the final plunge. Preschool is the first place away from home for a Child in their life-Try to make their experience as joyful as possible and remember not to compromise on the quality of education as it will lay the foundation for your child. Take an informed decision so that tomorrow your child can be proud of his Pre School association and remember it fondly with Pride and Joy.