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Our Educational Programs

Our exclusive curricula, combined with our own digital lesson planning tool, enable teachers to create personalized learning experiences, appropriate to every age group..
  • 18 Months - 2Year


    Play Group

    The first exposure to preschool is in the Play Group Program. A colorful and friendly environment, loving and caring staff make learning a joyful experience and prepare them for a successful future. A Play-way method is adopted to introduce basic concepts like colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. Plenty of coloring activities are done to prepare the child for writing.
  • 2 - 3Year


    Pre Nursery

    In the Pre Nursery Program, the child develops a love for learning. It is a stimulus for learning, kindles curiosity and begins to explore the environment. The child progresses from basic concepts to simple concepts. It is here that the child has his first brush with writing.

  • 3 - 4Year



    The concepts here, shift from simple to complex. Learning is more detailed and the children work individually or in groups. The focus is to develop a sense of learning and encourage questioning to satiate their curiosity. Writing becomes an important tool. The Nursery Program prepares the child for life.

  • 4 - 5Year



    The Kindergarten is a stepping stone to formal school. This program encourages children to activate their minds to produce the best results. The children by now are more mature and vibrant.