Preschool teachers can do wonder for the children

Preschool teachers can do wonder for the children

The parents do struggle a lot to make their 3-year-old child get ready, to put on his jacket. But a preschool teacher has to manage many kids. He/she just takes less than three minutes to put on their clothes and take them to the playground.

Then what is the special quality she has?

The kids are more prompt and quick to respond to the strangers than their parents. The teachers reinforce different types of techniques to help the little ones acquire knowledge and skills. As a result, the kids learn to keep the classrooms clean and tidy. The teachers make their tasks more entertaining and pleasure some. The preschool teachers have a lot of experience every year with the difficult and demanding age group.

Specialty of the teachers and their secrets:

  • The kindergarten kids do not lag behind:


The children seem to hinder the attempts of their parents to go to school every morning. But quickly  they get ready when the teacher declares that the time is over and return from the playground. The parents tell their kids to vacate the playground but stop and start conversing with other parents. But when a teacher says something, they understand that she means it.

It suggests that offering a couple or two soft yet strong warning will help in proper all over development of children.

Kids always make a response to signals which they hear or calculate. A child may have a problem saying goodbye. But very soon she will develop and adapt the routine.

The teachers can play the same notes on the piano every day as a sign that the free play is over. Even they can blink the lights in the room, use an egg timer or bell to show the kids that the time is over. Counting too motivates the kids to complete the picking up the process in a rush. Compliments and achievements on their individual efforts are far better than earthly and material baits.

Also allowing the child to compete against herself improves her speed and gives an immense learning possibility. Timings should be maintained in case of getting ready for school, studies, and bed. Charts and graphs help to assess the child’s speed on separate days and urge her to win against her best time.

  • Kids can hold the scissors and pens much before the parents expect

Many parents hold their children pencils, paper and kid safe scissors to help their children advance their motor and writing skills. The preschool teachers first make the kids acquire  the skill in basic movements such as grasping nuts, small blocks with the help of stringing beads, kitchen tongs, rolling out play clay and cutting them with scissors.

As soon as the child has mastered it, he can cut thin little different colored strips of paper. Once he has completed his cutting, he considers himself competent and confident.

As far as writing is concerned, at first the kids manifest interests in using pencils and want to go beyond loops, scribbles, and doodles. Very soon he feels defeated that he cannot write alphabets. The teacher must continue to practice his holding of pencils like a mature person. The teacher must also allow him to copy or record anything he wishes to jot down.

  • Routines and structure are important for cat naps

The kid along with other children goes for a nap as the other children are performing the same things. As a result, it is achieved with minimal effort in the preschools than at home. Many times the impatient and restless kids cover their eyes with a blanket and they do not search around.

  • Importance of children’s attention

Instead of uplifting the voice for getting child’s attention, it is better preferred to raise the voice for singing. If the children are not paying attention to a story telling, just converting it in a singing mode will let them listen to the story. The teacher applies various verbal strategies like whispering, quietly making facial expressions receive the attention of children. They even use visual clues like asking the children to do the same as shown by them or placing a hand up in the air or touching their finger to their noses.

Once received the kid’s full attention, the teachers keep their pronouncements short, clear and to the point.

  • The child wants to dress himself all alone

Many kids wish to have the feelings of self-confidence, independence and achievements by dressing themselves. The child learns to organize his clothing the night before, labeling the dresses, habit of keeping the costumes and uniforms when not under time pressure. So, the child will learn to differentiate between the frontal side and the back.

  • Play is the medium of education for the preschoolers

While giving homework, the teachers behave in such a way that it seems to the children more of fun and entertaining than simple route learning. The teachers through literacy project, effortlessly use letters in projects and games like counting books and customized mathematics.

The child takes pleasure because he has his exclusive private weapon, an institution of wholehearted love waiting at home for him.