from Identifying/Recognizing upper and lower case letters to understanding the phonic sounds of each letter lays the foundation for reading.


Numeracy is the ability to apply maths concepts in all areas of life. It helps build number sense, develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies.


Intellectual Development is all about learning. It is about how individuals organize their minds, ideas and thoughts to make sense of the world they live in.

Musical Notes

Music is the universal language that everyone understands. Children are highly responsive to various melodies and rhythms music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness.

Creative Art

Artistic Activities foster intellectual development. It encourages a child to experiment with different material apart from boosting their self confidence.


Kinesthetic Activities make learning fun. The lesson becomes a physical experiment in this kind of learning the child is moving, touching and interacting with his lessons.


Development of language in toddlers and preschoolers from words to sentences is an important and exciting phase in a child’s life.